Nucynta snort

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I just took like 4 75mgs so I ll let you know in about 20 minutes if you can get high And the answer to your question is yes you can snort them you can snort anything .
so has anyone got their hands on this stuff yet? I read an account from someone who . Sounds like some pretty wicked shit from what I read on wiki. Think I might .
Learn about the prescription medication Nucynta (Tapentadol Immediate-Release Oral Tablets), drug uses, dosage, side effects, drug interactions, warnings, reviews and .
Swim is curious about the pricing of Nucynta tapentadol 100mg tablets. They are . dejavu? I feel like ive read this before. what is Nucynta whats the main .
Can you snort nucynta? ChaCha Answer: Tapentadol (trade name Nucynta) is a centrally-acting analgesic with a dual mode of action as a.
Can you sniff a nucynta 50mg pill. Can you smoke Nucynta like oxies? Is it possible? no one answered if you ca sniff them.
Well gave a 75mg a try and it was like snorting glass that was on fire. My eyes watered, nose burned and didnt enjoy it. I am experienced opana user.
^I think monsta meant check the trip reports section of this site. Basically nucynta is very similar to tramadol except more potent. It works on opioid receptors and .
catspaw1955 wrote: so would you advise nucynta, for an ir med for break thru pain? thanks cat Hey Cat, this person has no clue what they are talking .
39stealpins: ' Nucynta gave me terrible headaches, but I Nucynta snort cut back to 1/4 Nucynta snort of a 50 mg tablet, which didn't give me a headache. It took almost two weeks for the .
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